Available April 21, 2020

A sprawling historical novel of passionate love and harrowing secrets!

Heart's Blood

More than a century has passed since the Salem witch trials, and the Puritan village in Massachusetts is the wealthiest town in America, where a new breed of men have built a new kind of aristocracy.

He is a damaged man looking for a reason to go on living

Captain Isaac McCallister has returned from the grave, after five harrowing years of slavery in Algiers. His resurrection has rattled Salem, particularly the family of his dead step-brother, three women living in genteel poverty on his estate. And from the moment he sets eyes on Eleanor Hampton, Isaac sees a path out of the darkness, back to the land of the living.

She is an independent woman looking for the courage to love

Eleanor Hampton is a gifted artist and, by the standards of little Salem, an obstinate eccentric. Her life is the struggle to become a painter and to safeguard her mother and sister. As for romance, it’s brought only calamity, and Eleanor has long resolved to do without.

But from her first sparring match with Isaac McCallister, Eleanor knows she’s found a man more than her match in pride and determination. All Salem is astonished when Eleanor accepts his swift offer of marriage. And as her passion for her enigmatic husband consumes her, Eleanor will need that determination, as well as courage, to face down the threat out of Isaac’s past.

Heart’s Blood is a story of the resilience of the human spirit, and the power of love to heal the darkest wounds.


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About the Author

Alice Von Kannon is an author and historian who's appeared on History and the Discovery Channel. She is co-author with her husband Christopher Hodapp of books in the popular ''Dummies'' series for Wiley publishing.  Her novel Heart's Blood grew out of her love for the town of Salem in the romantic age of tall ships.



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